Academic Success Initiatives


First Year Seminar

During their first year at West Virginia University, students will embark on a common learning experience with others in their major and living community. How? All first-year students and transfer students with less than 29 credit hours will register for a First-Year Seminar. The First-Year Seminar will set the foundation for an incredible collegiate experience full of academic opportunity and personal growth. It is one of the first steps in an exciting educational journey and will help them find their place at WVU.

The course will provide students the opportunity to work more closely with instructors and connect them earlier to their academic department or residence hall and the University at large. At the end of their first semester, students will be able to articulate the importance of higher education, develop academic and self-management skills, critical thinking skills, engage in career planning and major /career exploration, and experience diversity, inclusion, and a global perspective.

In addition to WVUe 191, there are departments/programs offering courses which include the “common” components, as well as specific information related to majors/interests. Students should register for the appropriate First-Year Seminar while they were here for New Student Orientation. It is important that students are in the course that will most benefit them and their first-year experience.

  1. For those students in majors/programs offering a First-Year Seminar, they should be in the major/program based course.
    • A&VS 105
    • ACE 106
    • AGEE 102
    • AGRL 111
    • ART 191
    • BCOR 199
    • CDFS 101
    • DTHY 101
    • ENGR 199
    • EXPH 100
    • FOR 101
    • HONR 199
    • JRL 115
    • MILS 101
    • MUSC 191
    • PET 167
    • SM 167
    • SPA 199
    • THET 191
    • WVUE 191
    • WVUE 191A
    • WVUE 191B
    • WVUE 293C/F
  2. For students living in the residence halls who are in a major/program not offering a First-Year Seminar, they should be in a First-Year Seminar designated for their specific hall.
  3. or students not living in a residence hall who are in a major not offering a First-Year Seminar, they should be in a section of WVUe 191 with section numbers in the 700 series. Please note ….. all first year students and transfers with less than 29 credit hours must have a First-Year Seminar course for Fall 2015.